Autoliv's Hood Airbag System Saves Dumb Walkers From Dumb Drivers

Autoliv's new Pedestrian Protection System combines a hood that opens to cushion impact and a pair of hood mounted airbags to reduce the risk of serious injury when a car comes into contact with an unfortunate pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist. The tech's safety specs are impressive: "From almost certain death to less … » 4/23/08 7:06pm 4/23/08 7:06pm

Six Cloned Labradors Enter the Korean Customs Service

Six cloned male golden Labradors named Toppy look set to be sniffing suitcases for the Korean Customs Service. The cloning method was developed by a team at Seoul National University led by Lee Byeong-chun, former lieutenant of disgraced scientist Woo-Suk Hwang, who was found to have fabricated research. Their father… » 4/18/08 8:55pm 4/18/08 8:55pm

Microsoft to Release Limited-Edition Joy Division Zune in June

Microsoft will release a limited-edition Joy Division Zune sometime around June 5, coordinated with the launch of a DVD about the band. It is thought that the Joy Division Zune will be designed by Peter Saville, the graphic designer behind both Joy Division album covers, and a big player in the Manchester music scene… » 4/18/08 5:00am 4/18/08 5:00am

German Schoolboy Corrects NASA's Math - We're All Doomed

NASA has been forced to check its math after a 13-year-old German boy wrote to tell them their calculations for the probability of an asteroid hitting earth were incorrect. Agency bosses had predicted a one-in-45,000 chance of an interstellar object bringing an end to life as we know it; that was until teen Nico… » 4/16/08 8:30am 4/16/08 8:30am

Sanyo's Big and Bright 4200 Lumen T-Series Projectors

Sanyo has launched two new 4200 ANSI lumen projectors that pack enough punch to throw a screen up just about anywhere, regardless of whether the lights are on or not. The PLC-ET30L will give you 1400 x 1050 resolution, while the more affordable PLC-XT21/L produces 1024 x 768. Aside from the resolutions, both models… » 4/16/08 12:10am 4/16/08 12:10am

Vtech's IS6110, an Instant Messaging Cordless Telephone

The Vtech IS6110 is the little cordless telephone that could. There is a lot of functionality packed into one tidy little package. It is a fully featured DECT 6.0 cordless phone that includes a full QWERTY keypad and lays claim to being the first cordless phone to deliver instant messaging capabilities. All you do is… » 4/15/08 2:42am 4/15/08 2:42am